Yellow City Comic Con - Day Two

YC3 - Day Two

Snowpocalypse/Star Wars Day

The second day of YC3 was surreal. If I hadn't just spent two hours editing, uploading, and formatting pictures, I'd probably still think it was a dream. Seriously, I had a blast. Not only was it snowing all day (still going!) I met so many amazing people, participated in my first author panel, and sent my book out into the hands of many excited new readers. I tried to remember to get pictures with everyone, but unfortunately quite a few got left out. Maybe I can catch them tomorrow when things slow down. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the highlights from this incredible day:

I started the day as a Jedi. Little did I know how much trouble that would cause...

"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" I joked when a he came to investigate.
Kylo didn't think it was very funny, but this time I snagged his lightsaber!
Granpa Vader didn't find that very amusing either. *FORCE CHOKE*
I was left speechless when his boss arrived for the final battle. *So cool.*
Luckily an amazing Rebel Pilot came to the rescue.
Rey arrived just in time to strike a mean pose.
While I was off in a galaxy far, far away... my fellow authors were hard at work. Here's Holly Hudspeth and her lovely family.
Crissy Smith and her girls had some fun too.
It was blissfully dim in the author panel room, so most people couldn't see the fear in my eyes. Seriously, the walk to the table felt like I was headed for death row. Really though, it was more like jumping in a pool. I was nervous at first, but after I hit the water I had a blast chatting with Holly, Crissy, A.G. Howard, and everyone who showed up for the Q&A. Hopefully I can find some better pictures soon!
With my nerves out of the way, I hit my groove and sold some books to some fantastic people.
Some had cool hats.
Others sported some Disney Princess gear.
Ash picked up a copy before going off to fight the Evil Dead!
Obi Wan and an awesome jeweler snagged one too!
He wore the right colors to support my book, so I had to shake his hand!
Spike from Cowboy Bebop got a copy after meeting me yesterday. I didn't recognize him (he was wearing facepaint and glasses yesterday) but he understood. :-)
These two didn't want to share, but they were really nice. <3
At the end of the day, I had to live up to my shirt. This unsuspecting reader is a student at my school. I hope she won't be too mad when she sees this! Haha. :D


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