A Christmas Miracle

I did an interview on the local news! So cool.

I turned my hair into a Christmas tree for my school's costume contest and uploaded a quick picture to Reddit before heading off to work... never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to blow up, but that's what happened. Here's the original post if you'd like to see for yourself the madness that followed.

The original post at #1 on the front page of Reddit (RIP my inbox)

My followup post after I won the contest was just as popular. What a day!

Two days later, Yahoo news interviewed me, and the story spread across the globe. I even saw an article in Australia, and I think I was included in a Buzzfeed list.

The true sign of my 15 minutes of fame was when one of my students saw the post. Of course the rest of the school found out not long after. 


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