A Sneak Peek of the First Draft of my Novel

The rEvolution Chronicles 

Part Two: Species

(working title)

After 10,000 years of isolation, what happens when humans return to an evolved Earth? A young, adventurous girl stumbles upon a secret when her parents mysteriously disappear. She leaves her home on the moon to find them, but what happens along the way will change everything.

Ch. 1 Excerpt:

Flames streaked around the body of a small, white spaceship as it entered the atmosphere of the planet below.  The pilot, a young girl in a fitted silver bodysuit and helmet, was stretched out on her stomach, gripping the controls as she stared down into the unknown.  Her name was Madeline Longview, but her friends called her Madi.  Her parents were scientists of the Pax Lunar Colony, but they had gone missing while working on a top secret project.  Madi was only seventeen, but when she discovered information about their experiments on the radioactive planet below, her entire life changed.  

She had run away from her home on the moon to find them.  Her heart raced as she flew closer to the dense clouds; once she could see the surface, she would know the truth.  The turbulence picked up when she sliced into the cloud-line, and she let out a scream that was somewhere between excited and afraid.

The clouds began to thin as she picked up speed.  The moment she broke through the clouds, Madi gasped.  She raised a shaking hand to her helmet and pressed a button that lifted her visor.  Her pale, pretty face was awestruck as her large, gray eyes gazed on her ancestral planet for the first time.  Had her parents arrived here before her?


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